Literacy Volunteers

Waterville Area's tutors are trained to provide personalized learner centered services. Each tutor works with his or her learner to identify both short and long term goals and creates individualized lessons that focus on meeting those goals. 


Tutors use real-life materials/media, such as newspapers, job applications, recipes etc. in their lessons. They are trained using a language experience approach. Our curriculum is a national evidenced based model, from the Proliteracy Education Network. In addition, Literacy Volunteers Waterville organization offers continuous training and support for continued education and recertification.


As a tutor, the most valuable contribution you can make is your time and talents and willingness to learn by working side by side with your learning partner. What could be more rewarding?

Other Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome others who want to serve their  community and work with us but not as a tutor.  Outreach, fund raising, and leadership are three  areas where volunteer opportunities are  welcomed...   Interested?

Click to sign up, or call 207-873-7786, or email to find out how to get involved.

Our tutors and our volunteers form the backbone of our organization.


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